Love Your Body Now is a brand centered around body positivity and self-love! We sell apparel and accessories created to spread our mission to help women feel confident in their skin!

Hey Gorgeous!

I'm Savannah Robertson, the founder of Love Your Body Now. I've always loved and had an appreciation for health and fitness, but after working in the fitness industry and being a health coach, I realized how much women struggle with their overall body image and feeling confident in their skin.

I realized I wasn't alone in my own internal struggle with my body, and decided to make it my mission to help women feel their worthy beyond physical appearance.

I pour my heart into this work as it has been just as healing for me in my own journey towards self-love. I am so glad you are here and cannot wait to connect with you!

Did you know we have a podcast?

The "Love Your Body Now" podcast is all about how we can build confidence in the body we have RIGHT NOW and redefine what health looks like for us. We chat all about the societal beliefs that do not serve us, fitness misconceptions, and unhealthy narratives, so that we can rebuild our foundation from a place of self-love. We give actual tools and resources that you can implement as soon as today!

  • I absolutely love the design, feel and wear of the sweater. It has the perfect amount of comfort and the shape is ideal for wearing on its own or layering!



  • I love the comfy feel of all the items I've ordered. They are regular staples in my wardrobes. They can be dressed up or down and gift a positive message to the wearer and reader and those who you encourage throughout your day. Can't recommend Love Your Body Now wardrobe enough!!



  • I'm pregnant and ordered the growing in progress sweatshirt. It's a nice reminder to appreciate what my body is doing right now too!